High Line Translations

English and German to Dutch marketing translation services

To do business in the Netherlands, you need to know the language and understand the culture. My experience as a marketing translator can help you reach your Dutch customers in an effective way.

English and German to Dutch translation, transcreation and localization services

About me

My name is Maaike Meijer and I am an English and German to Dutch translator and editor. I have 6+ years of experience translating a wide variety of marketing texts. Some examples include:

– advertising campaigns
– websites
– blog posts
– white papers
– e-learning courses
– press releases
– news articles
– ebooks
– and more

Feel free to e-mail me at info@highlinetranslations.com to receive a free quote or to discuss how I can help you with a translation project.


I am a member of several professional organizations:

  • NGTV
  • ZZP Zutphen

I currently serve as the CPD Coordinator for SENSE.

I also organize webinars and workshops for the Kring Arnhem-Nijmegen for the NetherlandsĀ AssociationĀ of Interpreters and Translators (NGTV).